Monthly Dividend Income (August 2017)

As I sat down to write this post, the temperature outside was well over 100 degF.  Lucky for me, the temperature is not the only thing heating up around here… Time to find out what dividends the month of August provided for me… plenty!


Dividend Income

The total was $472.65… a scorching 52.03% increase compared to the same month last year.  I highly doubt I can keep that up, but I’ll take it while I can get it.

I had 12 companies pay a dividend, the most coming from OHI, and the least from SBUX.  I suspect SBUX may move up my payout list by the time of their next dividend payout in December thanks to my purchase this month that doubled my position.

The amounts from OHI, FAST and O were boosted by additional purchases over the past year, as opposed to being from only dividend increases and reinvested dividends.

The amount from SWKS was a decrease compared to last year, due to partial sale during the past year.

Four companies are new August payers for me – CVS, APD, HRL, and CTSH – a major factor in my large % increase this month.

Meanwhile, the Linear Technology (LLTC) dividend stopped due to the position being sold just prior to LLTC being acquired by Analog Devices (ADI).


Dividend Raises

In August, I had 2 companies raise their dividend – not as good as the 4 from last month, but very acceptable nonetheless.  One raise was very healthy… a smoking 20% raise from ITW.  The other raise from MAIN wasn’t too shabby either at 2.7%.  MAIN has been adding semi-annual special dividends as well.  Needless to say, these are welcome increases.

One note about the MAIN increase… it doesn’t kick in until the 4th quarter, so I won’t be reflecting this new dividend amount on the Portfolio page until next month, so that it doesn’t skew any of the expected monthly dividend estimates.

These raises contribute a total of $30.89 to my forward dividend income!



Another awesome month of progress, as the YOY total showed over a 50% increase!  This percentage gain will be hard to replicate in future months, but I won’t rule it out.  I’m looking forward to September, which should be an even busier month, with more dividend payers and a bigger dividend total.

Are the dividend amounts collected heating up for you, too?

I have updated the Portfolio & Dividends pages in conjunction with this monthly update.

16 thoughts on “Monthly Dividend Income (August 2017)

  1. Great month Engineering Dividends! That’s an awesome year over year growth as well. The snowball is rolling bigger. And the snowball doesn’t melt, not even in 100 degree weather lol! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey awesome YoY increase! I had a 28% YoY, and you blew that out of the water! Way to go! I’m new to your site, but I’m glad I found it – thanks for sharing and keep it up!

    Passive Income Dude

    1. Hi PID, glad you found the blog. I’d take your 28% YOY increase any month, too! Nice work. I like your dual passive income approach. I’m a little reluctant to try adding real estate to the passive income stream at this point, but I’ll be checking out your blog to help develop some courage/knowledge to take the plunge. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Congrats on the amazing month. That is an awesome growth rate compared to last year. Man that new dividend from CVS was really nice. I’m looking forward to seeing what this new dividend from Starbucks will be in December.



    1. Hi Bert,
      Yeah the CVS dividend is fairly hefty, as it was a result of a couple of purchases earlier this year. The SBUX dividend should be a nice bump in December, as it’ll go up thanks to my recent purchase, plus hopefully an expected dividend increase between now and then. I’m looking forward to your August dividend update… any day now! Thanks for commenting.

  4. Scorching indeed. That’s an impressive year over year change. Nice to see a handful of names in common paying us for the month. That ITW raise was also an eye opener. I don’t think anyone expected that monster climb. ITW is one quality name for the long haul! Thanks for sharing.

    1. In retrospect, it’s too bad I didn’t buy more ITW when I made the initial purchase, as it seems it has only been going up since I got in (8/2015). I recall watching it climb for well over a year, but never made a purchase as it always seemed to be somewhat overvalued (which seems to be the case for quality names). Eventually, the price dropped some and I got my opportunity to get in. Glad I did, as I agree it’s a stock for the long haul. Thanks for commenting, DivHut!

  5. Impressive Yoy hard to beat that take it while you can. Lots of good companies paying you. Keep it up.

    1. Hi Doug,
      Yes, it was quite the YoY leap. I’ll definitely take it. I hope there are more months like this one in the future, but I won’t count on it. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

  6. Awesome month and big growth numbers. I like seeing so many new positions in your portfolio this year paying you. Keep making those quality purchases. Nice work!

  7. Hi Paul,

    Great YoY growth, Engineering Dividends. With those dividend raises, totaling $30 from just two of your stocks, you sound like you’re well on your way to some similar YoY increases next year. Isn’t it crazy how that dividend increase would take almost $1030 in new capital to achieve at a 3% yield?! It’s fun how you get that increase just from being a shareholder.


    1. Hi Scott,
      Sorry for the slow reply… your comment got caught up in my spam folder! I didn’t notice it until today. Oh well, that shouldn’t be a problem moving forward.
      I agree, it’s amazing what the equivalent new capital amount would need to be in order to generate the same forward income as those dividend raises. I certainly enjoy being a shareholder in those cases. Thanks for visiting the site… hope to see you again commenting on future posts.

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