My dividend-paying stock investments basically started with 5 core stocks that I started buying via DRiP in the mid-to-late 1990s:

PG (1995), AFL & RPM (1996), PEP (1997), and JNJ (1998)

This was long before I had constructed the “dividend portfolio” shown below.

I was just starting my investing journey back then.  The investments were often small, $50 or $100.  However, by contributing when I could and reinvesting dividends, the value of these holdings continued to grow.  AFL, PEP, and RPM have paid me more in dividends over the years than my original investment in them!

I initiated positions in AL in 2013, and GILD in 2014 (before they started paying dividends).  However, I kept both once I decided to get focused on building this dividend portfolio in mid-2015.

The current portfolio yield is decent, but not high, as I tend to like having a few higher-growth, dividend-paying stocks in the portfolio (ex. AL, CTSH, OZRK, SBUX, SWKS, V).  These stocks bring the overall yield down.

Currently, there are 38 stocks in the portfolio.


Shares and Prices are through 12/31/2017.

Tickers in light blue were sold in their entirety earlier in the calendar year.  Tickers in purple were IAS recommendations.


I try to stay fairly closely aligned with the S&P 500 sector weightings, but there are a few sectors I tend to exclude, including telecom services, utilities and energy.  These sectors tend to have larger dividend payers as opposed to higher growth companies.  I’d like to increase my holdings in information technology.


2 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. I would love to check in with you at the end of the year, our portfolios are about the same $amount all in, $288k you, and $275 me. I would like to compare total annual dividend notes, I am at $ 6,608 not counting anything for December yet. Would be an interesting side by side.

    1. Absolutely, OthalaFehu… please do check in. I’m a shade under $5,900 for dividends through November, and suspect I’ll finish around $6,700 for 2017. Based on this, and my slightly higher $ amount, your portfolio yield must be higher than mine. I currently lean a little more toward growth compared to yield for the portfolio. For instance, four of my portfolio stocks yield under 1%. Looking forward to hearing from you after we close out 2017.

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