Recent Buy – SBUX

Today, I decided to add some SBUX – previously my smallest portfolio position.  This possible purchase was discussed in my last Portfolio Thoughts post.  SBUX’s price dropped recently with the release of its latest earnings.  There could be more downside from here, but I decided to pull the trigger now as the price had dropped below the point where I was willing to buy.  SBUX does not have a large yield (<1.9%), but compensates for this with above average growth prospects.  Here are the transaction details…



On 8/17/17, I purchased 50 additional shares at $53.06/sh, for a total of $2,653.00.

This position is now at 101.007 shares, with an average cost of $54.80.

This purchase results in an additional $50.00 in annual forward dividend income.


Have any thoughts on SBUX?  Would you have waited for a lower price?  Do you like SBUX’s growth prospects?  A different stock on your radar?