Monthly Dividend Income (Nov. 2017)

Wow!  November was incredible as far as my dividend portfolio was concerned.  The market continued its climb higher and took my portfolio with it – a nice increase in value.  In addition, I had some impressive YoY dividend growth, and just like last month, more healthy dividend increases.  Let’s see what happened…


Dividend Income

The total was $442.33… a tad lower than last month’s total, but a hefty 61.87% increase compared to the same month last year.

Ten companies paid me a dividend this month.  The largest amount came from OHI, a health care REIT.  The least came from CTSH, a tech position initiated earlier this year.

The 2017 amounts from OHI and O were boosted by additional purchases over the past year.

The increases from PG, FAST, ABBV and MAIN were a result of dividend increases and reinvested dividends over the past year.

The large YoY increase in the total mainly came courtesy of 4 new dividend payers (CVS, HRL, APD, CTSH).  CVS provided the largest new Nov. dividend at just over $50, while CTSH brought up the rear at roughly $15.

My Linear Tech (LLTC) position was closed out over the past year, thus no dividends compared to last year.  LLTC was acquired by Analog Devices (ADI), but I decided to sell just before the acquisition was completed, as opposed to taking the cash & ADI stock.


Dividend Raises

November turned out to be another terrific month for dividend increases.  I had 5 companies raise their dividend.  This was a reduction compared to the amazing 8 that I saw in October, however, these 5 raises nearly resulted in an annual forward dividend increase comparable to October.  AL and SBUX were the stars, with AL delivering a stellar 33.3% increase, and SBUX boosting their dividend by 20%.  UNP, NKE and HRL were impressive, too, with all in the neighborhood of 10% raises.  Check it out…

These raises contribute a total of $93.99 to my annual forward dividend income!  Just like last month, I came up shy of the $100 mark.  I was thinking Quest Diagnostics (DGX) might announce an increase in late November, too, pushing me over that $100 mark, but DGX instead held the dividend steady.  I now expect the DGX increase will come in February.  Last year DGX raised their dividend a quarter early in November, and a February announcement would put them back on their usual schedule.

Awesome stat –> I’d have to invest $3,715 at my portfolio’s average yield of 2.53% in order to equal the same boost to my annual forward dividend income that these dividend raises provide.



Before we wrap November up, I must acknowledge that it was superb with regard to stock price increases also.  My portfolio total increased by nearly $13,000, not counting the one purchase this month.  In conjunction, my portfolio yield dropped from 2.60% to 2.53% this month (won’t get that without some strong upward price movement).  Throw in the nearly 62% YoY dividend income increase, and some sweet dividend raises, and it seems like Christmas came early this year.

How were November dividends for you?  What stood out for your portfolio?  Do you plan to adjust anything in the portfolio before year’s end?  More purchases?  Tax loss harvesting?  Please share…

I have updated the Portfolio & Dividends pages in conjunction with this monthly update.

22 thoughts on “Monthly Dividend Income (Nov. 2017)

  1. Love that 25%…i mean 20% increase posted by Starbucks 🙂 In all seriousness, amazing results ED. I love the dividend increase you were able to post compared to last year. Plus, the fact that your dividend increases added $94 to your forward dividend income is amazing. Serves a great motivation right there to continue down this wonderful path of dividend investing. Cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for you.


    1. Thank you, Bert. Positive results certainly fuel the fire to do even better. My dividend increases the last two months have been incredible. Eventually, I’ll hit that $100 mark in forward dividend income in a single month due to raises… maybe in 2018!

  2. ED –

    Double post here from us diplomats! Love the charts, layout and information you provide, very similar to me! Keep it up, you’re doing awesome. Love the name as well.


  3. Dude that’s a huge increase y/y! Lots of new additions but also lots of organic growth from within your new portfolio. I’m impressed by the numbers this month.

    1. Thanks, TITM. Yes, a good month overall. I may not have many more months with YoY growth like that. Here’s to finishing strong in 2017, and to increasing dividends in 2018.

  4. Amazing results ED, great to see that increase YOY!

    And what a raises within your portfolio! I’m lucky to hold HRL as well so I can rejoice the same with an 10% rasie. Loving it!

  5. Great month! 60% growth is awesome and it comes with a bunch of dividend increases as well. Next year you should easily hit that 500 mark. Looking forward to seeing your December numbers and how the year ends. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Daze, I’m hoping $500+ for Nov. 2018 is in the cards… we’ll see. If I keep getting those dividend raises like I’ve been getting the last two months then it certainly looks achievable. December could end up being a record month, so I’m looking forward to the numbers myself. Thanks for the comments!

  6. That $93.99 raise is incredible. Truly something to strive for! That’s about what you might get if you increased the rent on a rental property – only you didn’t even have to ask for this raise. Very nice!

    As a newbie to the blogger community, I’ve just joined your email list. You’re the first email list I’ve joined!

    1. Hi DD,
      Yes, the last two months the raises have been huge… and so close to $100 in new forward dividend income each time. Now I’ve got the itch to crack that $100 mark… maybe in 2018! Great to have you on the email list, you’re one of the first few! Hopefully, you get those new posts as planned. If not, let me know.

  7. Wow I love that increase 61.87% so impressive. You made some good additions to the portfolio. Keep up the good work can’t wait to see how you do in December.

    1. Yeah, you know I love that growth, too. Certainly some good additions the last few months that helped boost the Nov. income. I hope they continue to provide increasing income for me for years to come. Thanks for checking in and commenting, Matthew.

  8. Wow, very impressive! Nicely done. I also hold CVS and OHI, they’re two of my favorite dividend paying companies that have both taken a beating this year, but I’m holding them for the long-term so I’m not too concerned about price fluctuations. Looking forward to watching your progress in the coming months as well.

    1. Welcome, Zach. Thanks! Yes, CVS and OHI have had their troubles this year, but will hopefully turn things around in 2018. Glad to have you stop in and comment. Please share your thoughts on more stocks in the future. I checked out your site a bit, and you must be busy… so much to check out over there. I’ll be sure to head back and peruse more of the content. Looks like you own WPC, too!

  9. That’s just an awesome report ED. Congrats on the huge double-digit increase from last year! Plus I just love the fact that you’re getting income from such a diverse group of companies. Diversification is the name of the game.

    1. Thanks, DP. I do try to stay diversified, not just by sector, but with roughly similar individual stock weights as well. I prefer not to let one position get too large or too small. It’s always a work in progress though.

    1. Hi Troy, welcome. Yes, quite the jump in dividends YoY. It’s always nice to have increases like that. I think CVS will do fine as well. However, sad to hear they won’t be increasing their dividend until they de-leverage (assuming the Aetna acquisition goes through).

  10. Hey ED,

    Your YoY dividend growth is very impressive! Can’t get better than that 🙂 The companies you hold are very generous. Those dividend increases are huge!! Keep up the good work and all the best in 2018!

    1. Hi, German. The YoY growth will most likely cool down a bit in 2018… we’ll see. Yes, Oct. & Nov. were huge for dividend increases. They make such a difference in boosting the forward dividend income. All the best to you in 2018 as well. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

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