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Today, I initiated a position in Hanesbrands, Inc. (HBI).  Many of you are probably familiar with HBI, which designs, manufactures, sources and sells apparel essentials such as t-shirts, innerwear, casualwear, activewear, socks and hosiery.  It markets its products under the brand names of Hanes, Champion, and Maidenform, among many others.

I contemplated purchasing HBI at $20 back in February/March of this year, but the price eventually ticked up before I did, and I decided to focus on other stocks.  The price continued to rise over the summer.  However, in the past couple of months HBI has dropped about 20%, to a point lower than it was earlier in year.  Recently, it’s been bumping up against its 52-week low near $19.  With the price drop, the yield for HBI has crept over 3.1%.  This is the highest it’s been since HBI began paying dividends in 2013.

Over the next 5 years, I’m estimating that HBI will grow annual sales at 4%-5% (which is a bit disappointing), but can grow annual earnings in the 7%-9% range.  Coupled with a 3% yield, this would be an annual 10%-12% total return, neglecting any P/E expansion/contraction.

Here are the purchase details…



On 11/14/17, I purchased 200 shares at $18.978/sh, for a total of $3,795.60.

This purchase results in an additional $120.00 in annual forward dividend income, bringing the annual total to $7,228.29, or just over an average of $600/mo.

HBI gets added to the portfolio as one of the smallest positions, fighting with SCG for the bottom spot.  It also joins VFC as another retail apparel company in the portfolio.


Has HBI been on your radar at all?  Do you prefer a different retail apparel company over HBI?  Are you avoiding this sector/industry altogether?  Looking forward to your thoughts…

6 thoughts on “Recent Buy – HBI

  1. I like it. HBI is on my radar but it hasn’t reached a point where I wanted to pull the trigger. They’ve been doing a lot of expansion lately and I want to see how that plays out before I dive in. There’s a lot of pressure on the domestic front with retail struggles so while I agree this is a good short term play, it may have some short term struggles. I’d probably pick up some shares if it dipped under $17 although I’m not sure we’ll go that low.

    1. I agree there are some near-term questions. Like you, I noticed the recent debt they’ve taken on. I’d hope this results in some improvement in the business in the next couple of years. We’ll see. You may get a chance to buy below $17 if the market takes a turn down. Thanks for stopping in and commenting, TITM!

  2. HBI has been on my radar recently for all the reasons you cited in your article. Definitely keeping a close eye on it. Congrats on the new position and I LOVE the position you have amassed. You are going to love those dividend checks 🙂


    1. Thanks, Bert. Yes, I’m going to love those dividends. Unfortunately, I missed the ex-dividend date for the Dec. payment by a couple of trading days, so I’ll have to wait until next March before I collect the first dividend.

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