Portfolio Thoughts (Sept. 2017)

Time again for my monthly examination of the dividend Portfolio, and deciding what actions I might take to improve it, if any.

This past month has been rather quiet in terms of portfolio activity… just one purchase (HRL), about 1 month ago, and no sales (which should be infrequent anyway).

I haven’t made any decision with regard to FAST or GWW, and possibly consolidating on just one.  To be honest, time has been limited this past month, so I haven’t delved into it.  However, I’m not in any rush to decide.  Perhaps next month I can take that ‘closer look’ I’ve talked about.

I’m still looking to increase the size my Information Technology investment.  As for existing holdings, I think I’ve got more than enough QCOM at this point, so I’m not looking to add there.  I’m happy with my SWKS and CTSH position sizes as well.    Thus, I will have to look outside my current tech holdings if I’m going to increase the amount invested in that sector.  Recent candidate CSCO has run away from me a bit recently, so I’m taking a wait and see approach there.

CAH still looks interesting to me at the current level – $67-$68.  This is actually a tad lower than my last purchase price.  I could see adding a few more shares around $65 if it declines to that point.

Utility SCANA (SCG) has dropped over 20% this calendar year, in part due to a failed nuclear project they’d been investing in.  So, I’ll monitor SCG as well, and consider incrementally adding more.

As mentioned a couple of months ago, I’m still looking to trim the OHI position a bit, should it get over $35 again.  In the meantime, I’m happy to keep collecting the dividends!

Thanks to recent reinvested dividends, the portfolio crossed $7,000 in annual forward dividend income… a nice milestone!  I’m still hoping to reach $7,200, or a nice round $600/mo by year’s end.

Any big changes in your portfolio recently?  Any tech names you think I should investigate at this point in time?


8 thoughts on “Portfolio Thoughts (Sept. 2017)

  1. Very wise to evaluate your portfolio. I’m still building up, but am going to do an overview post shortly.

    7k annually is amazing!

    1. Sounds good… I’ll be watching for the overview post. Your portfolio may be still be building up, but it will amaze you as it continues to grow. You appear to be on a great path.

  2. Nice portfolio update. I agree with FiscalVoyage. IBM and DIS are a couple that I’m looking into as well. In fact, I bought some more DIS a month ago or so when they dropped after the announcement that they were pulling their content from Netflix. Also consider CSCO. I own them in my Roth account and might be purchasing more of them come the new year.


    1. Thanks, Scott. I owned DIS many years ago, before I focused on setting up the dividend portfolio I have today. I’ve always liked DIS, but never got back in. I see they’ve recently dipped under $100/sh for the first time this year. Perhaps it’s time to follow the stock more closely. CSCO has been on my radar for the past few months… perhaps if they get down to $30 again.

  3. Wow. $7,000 is quite the achievement. I recently added CAH during the quarter to take advantage of their pricing levels. I’m content with the position I have built and am now looking towards other positions. One thing I always consider is that a positions weight in your portfolio will change over time. Sure it may be a large position now, but it will decrease as a percent of your total portfolio as you continue to add elsewhere. That always makes me feel when I develop one really large position.

    Keep making moves and keep on adding to these great companies!


    1. Thanks, Bert. I plan to reach $8K next year, then onward and upward from there. You are correct… a position weighting will decrease naturally if continuing to add elsewhere in the portfolio. I just need to watch out for the weighting decrease that happens quickly due to poor stock performance…. I’m getting some of that now with SCG. I’ll have to continue to monitor things there. By the way, I like your addition of CAH. As you said, keep adding to those great companies.

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