Portfolio Thoughts (August 2017)

Every month I plan to take a look at the portfolio and determine what actions I might take to improve it.  These could be purchases or sales, large or small.  Ultimately, though, I want to see the forward dividend income increasing.

Recently, I executed on a couple of transactions I had pondered last month.  Specifically, I sold a portion of my largest position (AL), and then also doubled the size of my smallest position (SBUX).  I’m now satisfied with the size of each of these positions.

With the recent purchase of SBUX, the smallest portfolio position now belongs to GWW.  With it’s continued price decline, I can see adding to the position.  However, I also have FAST in the portfolio, and these two companies are very similar.  Thus, I may review the prospects of these two companies moving forward, and consolidate on just one of them.

My interest in increasing my Information Technology holdings still exists.  My QCOM addition in the last month moved me in that direction, but I still feel underweight in this sector.  I’ve been giving some thought to the addition of CSCO, but given the recent market uncertainty I’m tempted to hold out and see if I can get a price under $30.

XOM has drifted lower recently and I’m considering the addition of another 20 shares.  CAH also continues to fall, and I can see adding a few more shares here, too.

The portfolio is creeping up on $7,000 in annual forward dividend income.  I project that I will get there before year’s end, just from reinvestment of portfolio dividends between now and then.  A stretch goal might be reaching $7,200, or a nice round $600/mo.

Any portfolio thoughts of your own to share?

2 thoughts on “Portfolio Thoughts (August 2017)

  1. I like QCOM and CSCO. Own CSCO currently and it has done fairly well. I really want to add more to CAH to lower my cost basis but haven’t gotten around to doing that yet. Need more capital. Looking forward to seeing what you make your next buy in.

    1. CAH continues to get more interesting as it falls. Regarding QCOM, let’s hope some of the AAPL clouds overhanging the stock clear up soon and we see the price rise again. Glad you could swing by and post a comment!

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