Monthly Dividend Income (July 2017)

Dividend Income

Time to find out what dividends rolled in during July…. quite a few!

The total was $430.83… a 19.37% increase compared to the same month last year.

I had 13 companies pay a dividend, the most coming from RPM, a long-time holding, and the least from fairly recent addition ENSG.

The amounts from WPC and O were decreases compared to last year, but in both cases that was entirely due to partial sales during the past year.

Three companies are new July payers for me – CAH, MAIN, and ENSG.

Meanwhile, FNGN no longer had a dividend for me due to the position being closed out.


Dividend Raises

In July, I had 4 companies raise their dividend – that’s what I like to see!  They were significant raises, too.  If I convert the quarterly increases from OZRK and OHI to annual ones, they are on the order of 11.4% and 6.4% raises.  Couple those with the 14.3% and 6.2% raises from SWKS and HSY, and I certainly received some inflation-beating boosts.

These raises contribute a total of $34.11 to my forward dividend income!



I’m happy with the progress this month, as the year-over-year total had a healthy jump, and the dividend raises were significant, setting me up to collect even more $$$ next year.

I have updated the Portfolio & Dividends pages in conjunction with this monthly update.

10 thoughts on “Monthly Dividend Income (July 2017)

  1. Great job for a “quiet” month of July. Your year over year growth rates are pretty amazing. I think I’ll be putting up single digit increases. Still, we are headed in the right direction. Keep up the good work.

    1. I’m not expecting double digit year-over-year growth for too many more months… I’ll probably be joining you with the single digit increases, as I don’t foresee as much capital investment next year. Certainly, as the account size begins to grow, those double digit increases will be harder to come by, but that’s not such a bad problem to have! Thanks for commenting, DivHut.

  2. Now that is a busy month ED. Congrats on the great month and love the four dividend increases you received. This is textbook dividend growth investing right here and seeing these kind of results inspires me to keep on pushing and keep on trying to move my income totals forward. Take care and keep on crushing it!


    1. Hi Bert, thanks for visiting the site and commenting. I like “busy” if it involves dividend income and dividend increases! I’m sure 4 dividend increases in a month will be an outlier compared to future months, but I’ll enjoy it while it’s here.

  3. Great growth and I really like the illustrations. It always makes everything so much clearer. You have some stocks that I haven´t heard about before, but I suppose that happens to everyone no matter how much time one spend looking for great companies that pays a secure dividend.

    1. Glad you like illustrations, Stockles. I appreciate the feedback. I’ve looked at quite a few blog portfolios, and I agree I have a few that are unique. Perhaps you’ll find one that sparks your interest and you begin researching it. I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on any of them. Thanks for visiting the site, especially with it being so new… hope to hear from you again!

    1. Thanks, IH. Glad you stopped in and commented. I’m continuing to grow the dividend income as best I can. July was a good month in that regard. I like how you supplement your dividend income with option income.

  4. Great month even for an off month. Nice dividend increases and I like the new additions that started paying this month. That is pretty great growth rate as well. Looking forward to seeing your next update soon.

    1. Appreciate you stopping in and commenting, DD. Yes, a good month all around… good YOY growth, a few dividend increases, and new dividend payers to keep that annual income growing!

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